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Battlestar Galactica

A tribute page brought to you by The Power of Gray

Here at The Power of Gray we're big fans of the best Sci-fi Action, and we believe the recent Battlestar Galactica Series is up there with the very best! Please enjoy this page of Battlestar Galactica video clips and commentary.


One of our favourite characters is Boomer. Unpredictable, sensitive, hard and sexy, Boomer is one of BSG's many outstanding characters. Enjoy this preview video of some of Boomer's ups and downs during the series.


The sleezy, worm of a man that you can't help but love, Baltar is one of the funniest and likeable characters in the series. He has a look of "why does this always happen to me?", when to all viewers it's blatantly obviously that he brings all misfortune upon himself. Baltar's contribution helps to lift the show's status from outstanding to legendary.