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Journey To The Dawn Of Time
by Graham Smith

Journey To The Dawn Of Time

It wasn't just the Earth that needed saving - it wasn't just the solar system, the Milky Way or the local galactic group - it was something more - much, much more.

A once noble race has morally devolved and now worships evil as the only true art. And art is their life-blood. Cast out from their home planet, they now reside on Earth where they secretly manufacture a ship that will transport them to the beginnings of space and time. There they will commit their final act of depravity and destruction, before fleeing to an alternate universe.

A detective, a space girl who does not seem to know who she is, and a group of children, join forces with an assortment of highly evolved, yet very human, extraterrestrials in a countdown through time and space of epic proportions. Theirs is the ultimate rescue mission. And to do this they must enter Third Space - a space that responds to thought itself - and expose themselves to a series of adventures that will place the future and the past of the universe in their hands. Are they playing God? Perhaps they must. And who will help them? Is it the serene beings of the Folly system? Or is it something else, something so inexplicable that it stretches the boundaries of understanding. Or must they, in the end, draw upon their own inner resources, their love of life and each other, and discover a courage they never knew existed.

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