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No More Moon in the Water
by Graham Smith

No More Moon in the Water

The holy planet Sphinx is a beacon shining throughout time and space, inspiring civilizations to greatness. The angelic child Shangri is avatar for the souls of the children of Sphinx. When a dark terror destroys Sphinx, she and a warrior called Stavros flee to 21st century Earth where they plunge into a conflict of monolithic proportions.

The dark terror is here on Earth, and it has found a host, Cecilia. Ruthless, charismatic, sadistic, Cecilia plans a coup d'état that will herald the end of civilization.

Shangri and Stavros unite with a group of gifted travellers from the Large Magellanic Cloud to engage Cecilia in a heart-pounding fight to the death. But will their combined psychic and technical skills be enough to overcome Cecilia’s dark depravity?

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