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28th February 2019

New novel Flower-of-Sands out now.

This novel has had some great reviews.

1. An inventive world which will not fail to amaze. A cohesive consistent plot. A story well told and believable characters. There is nothing not to like in this story.
Finally, this is part of a series. Unlike many authors who write a story and divide it into three, this is a complete story with all the story arcs concluded.
Should you wish to buy others in the series, and you probably will, it would be because you like the characters and want to know more of them.

2. Flower of Sands is a real page-turner with hair-raising twists and turns, and a plot which keeps you guessing to the very end. The author has an impressive knowledge of space and space technology and combines this with quite a spicy narrative, so it works on several different levels - all of which drew me in.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and highly recommend it to anyone who likes escaping from everyday life into a fantastic world of adventure.


1st November 2012

Rock and Roll Star’s mould-breaking Sci-Fi Book aims to inspire the Next Generation

Former Van Der Graaf Generator and String Driven Thing band member Grahame R. Smith has released a new Science Fiction novel entitled At Risk...A Perfect World. The story draws on Grahame’s rich experience of astronomy, music and metaphysics as a means to inspire young adults.

Location: Bristol, UK

Date of Press Release: 1st November 2012

The book is the first novel in the Worlds At Risk Series, and features a group of vibrant young people from an innocent future society in a race against the clock to save their beloved friend and visionary Omigali, struck down by dark influences emanating from a distant galaxy and infecting humanity.

Grahame was most famous for his role in the band Van Der Graaf Generator in the 1960’s and ‘70s, whose hits include Theme One and Killer. In a recent interview, Grahame describes how writing had always been an important part of his life: “I’d always wanted to write novels and then one day I just made the start”. He went on to describe his novel as “Full of action, intrigue and humour; hi-tech and sexy with a touch of dark fantasy and flavoured uniquely with a visionary dimension... It goes seriously intergalactic!”

As part of a special promotion in partnership with book publisher Amazon, a Kindle version of At Risk...A Perfect World can be downloaded free of charge on 7-8th November. Grahame has a new website ( and Facebook page ( to help keep fans informed about his future promotions and releases.