At Risk - A Perfect World

At Risk - A Perfect World

Beneath a perfect world lies a terrifying secret. Planet Salvation is a vibrant, highly evolved society, free of war and crime. But a close group of friends have discovered shadows moving in paradise; a merciless race from a brown dwarf system is planning to invade, driven by a sinister force from a distant galaxy. This malevolent force silently invades influential minds within Salvation's once peaceful culture. And those it cannot influence, it seeks to destroy. One such is Omigali, visionary and messiah of the people. Is it safe to share this deadly secret? With no experience of war and trusting no one except each other, the friends must act alone, cast out fear, learn to fight, and strike first. A deadly enemy hides nearby in the darkness. They must be decisive, before it destroys the world they love. Experience the heart-pounding climax to this first novel in the WORLDS AT RISK (W.A.R.) series, which blends fast-paced action/adventure with feeling and humour.

What people have said about the book

"If you like the idea of following a group of beautiful and free young adults on an intergalactic space adventure then you will really enjoy this book."

"Those who enjoy this genre of Sci Fi fantasy should be turned on by this fast-moving, adventurous tale which includes battles between good and evil"

"The book is well paced and increasingly gripping as it works up to an action packed climax"

"It goes Seriously Intergalactic"