Glossary of terms
for Worlds at Risk novels

BM7 Galaxy Galaxy M87 Super giant elliptical galaxy in Virgo
Brides of Persuasion Biosynthetic warrior/body-guards dedicated to combat and brutality
Elobe Of oriental appearance
FTL faster than light travel
FTLtemporal or FTLt A special component within the FTL drive that compensated for the Theory of Relativity and for temporal anomalies that occurs spontaneously in faster than light travel
Hade A vicious devolved super race dedicated to war and plunder
Holy Mother or Mother A personalized expression for the Unified Field or for Universal consciousness or for God
Home Galaxy Milky Way
Implant or plant-net or plant A communications network and internal computer device linked to the central nervous system. A microdot nano phone inside the head
Shiloramedel See map
Shill drives Different types of drives courtesy of the Shiloramedel, ranging from deep intergalactic to in system travel
SLs An enhancement of natural biological attributes in symbiosis with an individual's implant network, allowing a person to control their physiology and chemistry
The Great Wheel Triangulum Galaxy M33 or NGC 598
The Song Similar to 'The Force'; the expression in sentient beings and in nature of the Unified Field
The Zanasareen See map
The Watchers See map. Do not feature in this novel but occupy an important position in the general scheme of things
Throne of Ramold Large Magellanic Cloud