In the UK this week going interstellar.

by Grahame R. Smith

28th February 2019

Here in Bristol in the UK we are experiencing warm serene weather with deep deep shadows and low warm sun. I have been so busy with my music and in other areas that I have had little time for writing. Also, I have been slowed down over the last few months by a wound complication following a triple hernia op. But my latest novel is almost ready, and I am struggling to find a title. One can divide novel writing into three sections: the novel itself, the book description, and finding a title. I have come up with something, but I will wait and see for a few days, or weeks, but not months.

   Here in the UK, we are grappling with Brexit. I am reminded of the man who tried to prove that black was white or who had trouble remembering not to try to make real that which is incompatible with reality, at least in real life. In fiction, anything goes.

   One thing I find important: however fantastic try to get the science right. I might be writing about a totally imaginary race in Scotland, but I must be sure to place Scotland north of England, and not somewhere off the coast of Wales - metaphorically speaking. 

   My latest published novel Flower-of-Sands has a few chapters set in the outer solar system. It involves Pluto and its moon Charon and the trans-Neptunian dwarf planet Eris. The obit of Eris is highly elliptical which means that although it is currently a long way out from the orbit of Pluto-Charon, in the 29th century (which is when then this novel is set) it will be inside the orbit of Pluto. Which means we will have relatively easy access to it unless we have devolved to stone-age status.

   My latest novel, soon to be published on Amazon, is about a rescue mission into the outer system, the Kuiper belt and inner Oort Cloud.